About the Project - Heveya - 俄罗斯联邦不动产 农业企业*土地 生产与商业综合体, 加工企业*宾馆, 设备, 森林地段 Immovable property units in Russia agricultural enterprises land plots production and trading complexes, processing enterprises hotels , equipment , forest plots

About the Project

Dear Guest,

HEVEYA.BIZ contains the information about sale of the property pledged in the banks, property sold by large enterprises and state corporations, as well as the property of the companies declared bankrupt for public bidding.

HEVEYA.BIZ is a sub-division of the portal, the largest in Russia for selling property of debtors, non-core assets of banks and state corporations HEVEYA.RU

Most of the property presented at HEVEYA.BIZ is sold much cheaper than the average market prices in Russia.

The company’s mission is to provide as much detail as possible about the property being sold and to provide support when buying assets. If you decide to open an industrial production in Russia, to start farming or purchase an immovable property unit - you can find the best offers at HEVEYA.BIZ.